Finite Element Analysis

Far too often products are released onto the market early. Companies feel that by building a prototype, they are ready. However, they have limited understanding of stress profiles and fatigue life implications of the product.

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Finite Element Analysis allows the accurate prediction of the behaviour of design concepts. This takes place in a numerical model before building physical prototypes, at the stage where changes are still cheap. Different loads can be applied, materials exchanged, and geometries tweaked. All intended functions of the design can be verified.


Identify potential problems early

Within any product design project, there are risk factors that can cause product failure. It is desirable to mitigate these risk factors before manufacturing begins. Mechanical analysis utilises powerful computer simulations and design techniques to identify potential risks and verify whether a design will perform all necessary functions. It can also help predict where faults and stress may occur early in the design phase.

Finite Element Analysis can be applied to problems of any magnitude and complexity. From skyscrapers to a single smart phone component, rocket engine to a fishing hook. In the structural case, the simulation obtains deflections and the distribution of stress and strain in the model. Potential weak spots can be identified and eliminated at an early stage; just as material can be saved by removing it from locations where it’s found to be redundant. 

Solutions for your needs

3D Hub offers a complete range of Finite Element Analysis engineering consulting services. This includes static structural, dynamic, kinematic and fatigue. 3D Hub has extensive experience running Finite Element Analysis in a range for fields. Whether you operate in Forestry, Agricultural, Marine, Aviation or Transport, we can help. Our experience has been earned the hard way by having our models validated in test rigs and in the field. Find out how we can help you now.