3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering

Determine design requirements and options for new product development. Gain product insight with the reverse engineering process. Capture an object's shape and design intent.

The Reverse Engineering process analyses the structure, function and operation of a device or object. The goal of the process is to discover the technological principles of the item.

3D scanning has become a viable method to create a 3D virtual model of an existing physical part for use in the reverse engineering process. It allows data to be captured digitally without damaging the physical object being scanned. It is a way of capturing an object’s exact size and shape.


Our service will help you if: 

  • You need to replace a unique tool. We have helped New Zealand businesses save thousands of dollars with our service
  • You require an out of stock part without 3D CAD model or drawings
  • An existing product has changed or been modified without documentation. We will document the changes
  • An Object/Product needs to be machined directly from a CAD model
  • You need to copy an existing item

Our process:

  1. Scan. To begin, we laser scan the components to produce a point cloud in 3D space. This builds a representation of the external surface of the item.
  2. Post processing. Scanning techniques cause unwanted artefacts such as noise, outliers, holes, or ghost geometry. These must all be removed to create a true scanned replica. In the Post-Processing stage, we manually fill holes, clean, align and merge scan data.
  3. Build the CAD. There are two options with building CAD data from the scan data. Either laying a surface over the scan mesh and building clean CAD surfaces for the components. We undertake whichever will deliver the best results for you.

Whatever your 3D Scanning or Reverse Engineering needs, we're here to help you. Get in touch now to see how we can support your project.