Topology Optimisation Auckland

We are committed to designing light, strong and functional parts that are fit for purpose. 3D Hub’s Topology Optimisation process, which includes our trademarked 9 Step MorphogenesisTM process will deliver these results. By ensuring that you only use the right material where it's necessary, you reduce non-essential weight and cost from the end product.

Topology Optimisation software is a type of design optimisation tool. It builds geometry inside a defined volume based on the loads applied to it. This ensures that the resulting design layout meets the prescribed set of performance targets without any additional unnecessary material. At 3D Hub, we go a step further to ensure that our clients and delivered the best results.


9 step MorphogenesisTM

This is where the 9 step MorphogenesisTM process comes in. We run this process on top of the design optimisation software to gain the greatest return. In this way, we deliver the best results for you, the client.

We combine your needs and requirements into a process that computer aided engineers can use to accurately evaluate design decisions. This is so we can arrive at a technically brilliant and efficiently producible product. Most importantly, a product that is ultimately profitable and easy to sell.


Reduce manufacturing costs by up to 33%

The 9 Step MorphogenesisTM process uses a number of our services in combination to create a framework that gets the best results from Structure Optimisation software. You can learn more about how our process works to reduce manufacturing costs by up to 33% in fabricated and cast components by downloading our free blueprint below.

Learn more by downloading the free blueprint.