We have many different processes which we can apply to your project/product, find out more about these unique approaches below.



The purpose of the 9 step Morphogenesis™ process is to gain the greatest return from design optimisation software. This is achieved by combining customers’ needs into a process that CAE engineers can use to evaluate design decisions and arrive at a Technically Brilliant - Efficiently Producible - Easily Sellable Product. 

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Finite Element Analysis - FEA

Far too often products are released on the market with only a prototype being built and tested with limited understanding of the stress profiles and fatigue life implications in a product.
Within any product design project there are risk factors that can cause product failure. It is desirable to mitigate these risk factors before manufacturing begins. Mechanical analysis utilizes powerful computer simulations and design techniques to identify potential risks and verify whether a design will perform all necessary functions. It can also help predict where faults/stress may occur which can then be rectified early in the design phase.


Priority Rocket™

Poor product definition is a factor in 80% of all time to market delays. The Priority Rocket™ is a process that takes customer requirements and connects them to the engineering specifications. It determines where to put your time, money and how good, is good enough.


Reverse Engineering

The Reverse Engineering process gives product insight by capturing the shape and design intent behind all features. Done well this information can be priceless for determining design requirements and targets for new product development.