Design Research

Develop a better understanding of the design needs of your project. The Design Research service is aimed at recognising the key topics and concerns that you need to be made aware of.

The research phase covers a wide range of areas. Whether it is researching a potential market to launch your product in, a technology that you have not used previously, or the history around a design type. The design research process enables the team at 3D Hub to fully understand, verify, and employ knowledge throughout a design project.


Top tools and processes

3D Hub uses design research tools and a process that has been honed and developed over a number of years. This is all with the ultimate goal of providing the team with tangible and usable information. This is so that it can ultimately be employed to add a depth of understanding to any product development.

Delivering insight

The key reason for this deep research is to deliver actionable information. With this greater comprehension, we are able to deliver improvements to the design processes and practices. At 3D Hub, we firmly believe that proper research underpins successful projects and we use design research processes to deliver learning that can be applied to your product and industrial development projects.

Research as part of the wider picture

Due to our experience in the wider remit of design and production, we understand how the research phase fits into your project's broader success. We know the key concerns that must be considered so that design research is useful and usable.

Whether you require design research completed on its own to support a design project that you are handling, or if you employ us to complete a wider project that requires design research, get in touch now and find out how we can support your goals.