CAD Modelling

Inaccurate drawings will always cause you trouble. In the worst cases, it can derail and jeopardise the eventual success of your project. At the very least it will cost valuable time and money. If you only realise design flaws during the manufacturing stage, you are forced to revisit the design phase again.

3D Hub's Computer Aided Design (CAD) modelling will help you eliminate these problems. We will help you to reduce design costs by increasing the overall design accuracy at an early stage. By getting it right at the start, we help you to improve the quality of your design and reduce time-to-manufacture. You can operate faster and with more confidence.


The most up-to-date tools

3D Hub uses the very latest in CAD software and stays up-to-date with best practice design principles. All with the goals of delivering the best service for our clients. We create product design solutions for you that are considerate of both form and function.

Once completed, 3D CAD files of your product components can easily be individually exported and supplied directly to the manufacturer. Where necessary, this is alongside detailed physical engineering drawings which can be provided up to size A0.

Whether you require a solid machined component or an elegant organic surface, 3D Hub is here to support your project. We will design and create your vision in CAD. You can be confident that this will be ready to be turned into a production design solution.

Experienced in CAD

3D Hub has significant experience in both surface and solid modelling. We have the knowledge and skill to interpret your industrial or mechanical design. We will ensure your vision is translated into the 3D form and production solution. Whatever the requirements of your project get in touch now to discover how we can help you with our CAD Modelling service.